Zombies Smash:All-Star

Zombies Smash:All-Star


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Zombies Smash:All-Star game

Easy to hang up, free 90 draws multi-universe card RPG

【Easy to raise a card】
There are more than one hundred card heroes in the game, which come from different universes and worlds. Hang up and participate in game events to get a lot of game resources, and you can easily raise your favorite hero cards;

【Plenty of rewards for auto play】
Automatically hang up, you can collect rewards every time. Whether you are resting or working, your heroes can fight automatically and accumulate generous rewards;

【Sign in to get 90-free-draws】
The game's benefits are available. And you can receive generous rewards when you hang up. Everyone can receive free 90 consecutive draws by creating character, which will help you get your favorite hero in the fastest and most convenient way;

【Arrange the camp with wisdom】
Build your own camp, you can get a beautiful housekeeper to help you manage your home, and use your wisdom to create a warm and safe habitat;

【Real combat power competition】
Compete with players from all over the world and fight for personal honor; Conquer the arena with your alliance members to seize the hegemony of the alliance; Read more
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