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A new age to social media!

The ZEEM app does more than help you stay connected with your friends and interests. Follow people to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love.

Features on the ZEEM app include:

* Public and Private profile:
Here you have two different profiles Private and Public. In Private section, you have full control over your photos and privacy settings. Only your friends can see the private profile. To make someone friend it is necessary you both have saved each other's mobile number in your cell. Anyone can follow you on the public profile. Your followers can't see your private profile.

* Audio Comment:
Now you can post Audio comment and status, Record your voice and have fun.

* Anonymous Person:
By using this feature you can post status and audio/text comment while hiding your identity. No one can know who posted this even to your friends.

* Talking Photo:
You can add Audio caption on your photos same like text caption. Just think about, How do you write sound made by cricket while going to garden? ZEEM makes that possible. Ever brooded for hours thinking about a caption? Let your voice act as a caption, speak into it and let the others find out what it is.

* Instant Chat:
Instant Chat is designed to provide you with ultimate privacy. Chat with your friends in a more secure way. Allow you to communicate directly from your device to the other one, which means there is no server between your devices. Having no intermediate server means your chat is fully secure, even we can not see it.

Anonymous Chat:
Instant Chat also allows communicating with some while hiding your identity.

Because there is no intermediate server So, we are not able to save your chats. Once you end the chat it will disappear and you are not able to retrieve it back. That is all for your privacy.

* Create Circle:
Create a different circle for different people (e.g Family, Friends and Class Fellows). Posting in a Circle can only be seen by the members of that circle, they can comment or Star on your post. Only circle members can see that post!

* Nearby:
Find people who are near to you, you can easily find people who are nearby. In private profile, only your nearby friends will appear. In a public profile, anyone will appear who is nearby, either it's a friend or not.

* Earn Badges:
Your profile will be ranked according to star given by other people, You can check your badge anytime in your profile and know how many stars you need for next badge. Read more
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