Word Buddies - Classic Word Game

Word Buddies - Classic Word Game


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Word Buddies - Classic Word Game game

Play online with friends and tile your way to glory in this fun word game!

Word Buddies is the fun, free to play word game that lets you join players worldwide and enhance your witty word play skills! Are you ready to battle head to head with buddies, family, and friends around the world?

With over 35 spells to choose from your word wit knows no bounds. Play your tiles, rack up points, and climb the ranks until you become the next Grand Champion!

Spell it. Play it. Win it.

• Compete with word buddies on Facebook and mobile devices
• Find a challenging buddy instantly with a single touch
• Join a club and complete words in your club board to unlock big rewards
• Chat with thousands of active buddies in our global chat system
• Add your friends and challenge them to one on one word tile battles
• Trade puzzle tiles with friends or club members to complete your puzzle!
• Over 35+ spells to keep your word tile playing experiences exciting
• Daily rewards redeemable for points, spells, club tiles, and more!

With 60 second turns, our mobile game experience recreates real-time, in-person game-play that keeps brains thinking quickly and tiles playing fast.

Learn from Wordsworth the owl and take your word tile wizard skills to the next level. With an in-depth tutorial, Word Buddies is easy to learn and fun to master. You'll be spelling powerful words against your buddy in no time!

Challenge word buddies with similar skill levels using our smart match making system! Do you think you can match your wit against the best buddy in the world? Test your wit against the best possible word wizard for you.

Join word buddies around the world in our highly rated club system! Need to learn the game and learn how to spell powerful words against your buddy? Your club is a great resource for learning the ropes! Your club is also great to challenge and practice those spell skills. Become the next great wizard, and become the best buddy in your club today!

With over 35+ spells to use against your buddy friends, you're sure to become a word wizard in no time. Use your wit, play your tiles and spells, and you will become grand champion!

Trade puzzle pieces with your buddies and friends around the world in our unique trading system! Have a few puzzles piece that match what your buddy is missing? With the push of a button, you can help your buddy in need, and your buddy can return the favour.

High resolution graphics and effects make for an exciting word play experience for you, your word buddies, and Wordsworth the owl! Enjoy the beauty of quality crafted tiles and uniquely designed board game area.

Our best point system yet allows for new ways to earn points and even more ways to solidify your word playing strategy. Will you play your spells early on to get maximum points quickly? Or will you wait and save your spells for the endgame. The choice is up to you.

Already a Grand Champion? Already learn with Wordsworth the owl and climb through the wizard ranks? Are you in an active club who plays their tiles, or even board games, every day? Like us or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn up-to-date news on the game, contests with big prizes, and more!


Thank you for playing Word Buddies! Remember: Spell it. Play it. Win it.

Additional Information:
Word Buddies is a free to play word game, however, optional in-app purchases are available which provide additional content and in-game currency. Spelling words in Word Buddies does not mean you are great at a spelling bee nor does it mean that you are great at spelling out words using your wit in real life. This also does not mean you are a word wizard in any capacity other than in our free to play mobile game. Read more
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