Wood Winner: Real Cash Party

Wood Winner: Real Cash Party


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Wood Winner: Real Cash Party game

Block Puzzle Brain Games. Relaxing win cash, Enjoy joining the Real Cash Party.

Wood Block Puzzle is a popular and classic puzzle game, now you can earn money in your favorite jigsaw puzzle game. The target is to drag and drop blocks to complete the rows and columns so the entire line will clear up. In this unique jigsaw puzzle, you will be rewarded with different amounts of cash for each drag and drop step. The challenge is the availability of limited space, and there are mysterious cash prizes waiting for you to win if you succeed in the challenge. If you run out of space to place any of the suggested three-block shapes, then it’s a game over . When you clear up more rows and columns, you get higher score, and the higher the score, the more cash rewards you'll get!

★ Casual Strategic Game— Be very careful in choosing the blocks and placing them. The better strategy you will use to clear up the rows, the longer you will continue to play, the longer you play, the more cash prizes you'll get. Not just a casual game to pass the time, but more importantly, it can help you earn extra cash anytime, anywhere.
★ Relaxing Game— A very simple merge block puzzle game that anyone can play. There are three block options to choose from. Unlike the classic game, there are no blocks dropping down continuously creating pressure of clearing the line, causing the pressure of clearing the line, so you can earn cash while relaxing your brain.
★ No Time Restrictions— There are no time limits. Play it for hours without thinking. Relax your mind and enjoy the satisfaction of hitting higher scores.And the amount of cash you can earn increases with the time you play, come and download the block puzzle game that earns you money.
★ Calming Sound Effects— The music is very soft and calming to the ear. You wouldn’t want to mute the sweet piano music that plays with every move.The sound of cash arriving in the account is also very crisp, allowing you to experience the thrill of a bulging wallet.
★Challenging—There are no options to rotate the suggested blocks to fit them in.The challenge is successful, and there are rich cash rewards. There is still a lot of cash in the prize pool. The person who ranks first can take the biggest cash prize.

How to Play?
★ Simply drag and drop the blocks from the three provided block options.Every step you take, you can get a different amount of cash rewards.
★ Try to complete rows and columns to clear vertical or horizontal grids.The more you eliminate, the more cash rewards you get.
★ Blocks cannot be rotated.Challenge difficulty increased.

Why Choose wooden block puzzle?
★ A new, classic block puzzle game. Also earn extra cash.
★ Simple and easy to play, perfect for all ages!
★ There are no time limits. Unlimited access to free cash.
★ It’s Free to Play. You can get extra cash rewards in the game without spending any cash.
★ Can Quick to understand rules. Simple and easy to get started.
★ Constantly update the various shapes of blocks, classic and challenging. If you succeed in the challenge, you can also get a surprise cash prize. The prize pool is very rich for you to choose.
★ Elaborate interface: wooden style gets you close to nature.
★ The cash rewards arrive very fast, and it can be entered into your PayPal account in less than 24 hours, without the pressure of withdrawal.

1. This game is intended for entertainment purposes only by persons over the age of 12. Jungle Bingo: Bounty offers optional in-app cash purchases and in-game currency, so it's aimed at an adult audience.
2. The game does not provide "gambling" and an opportunity to win prizes or money.
3. Past success at social casino gambling is not related to future real money gambling or casino games. Read more
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