WILD & Friends: Online Cards

WILD & Friends: Online Cards


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WILD & Friends: Online Cards game

Enjoy multiplayer card games with friends online or play offline against the CPU

Play fun WILD card games with friends online! Are your WILD friends busy? Enjoy tons of offline games for free too! Afterward, win coins in online WILD games with players around the world. You don’t have to unlock any features to play card games with friends. Download this WILD app now and discover this online card game palace!

WILD Card Game Features:
- Millions of great players around the world!
- Fun audio and graphics to flip through
- Fast-paced, fun games to play with friends online
- Intuitive gameplay and interface
- Up to 4-player games
- Play your own fun music in the background of your WILD games!
- All of the best content is unlocked
- Join the party and play WILD online games with friends or offline against the computer!

Be the first person to play all your cards. When it’s your turn, play a card with either the same color or number as the last card played. Once a player has placed their last card, the game is finished. Press the WILD button before you place that last card! If not, collect two cards.

Exciting Playing Cards:
+2 Cards: Your opponent gets 2 extra playing cards.
Skip: Play this card to skip over a player.
Reverse: This fun card flips the direction of the players.
WILD: Can be played at any time. Lay it down and pick your favorite color.
WILD +4: Swap colors and give the other player four extra playing cards.

Download and play card games with friends or family today! Welcome to the party: WILD games let you play with friends online or against the computer. Build a paradise island, unlock cool maps, and make it to the leaderboard all in this WILD app! Flip through different adventures to discover everything this game has to offer. Download now and start an WILD online tournament today! Read more
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