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A professional GPS vehicle monitoring and fleet management platform

Butler-level dynamic positioning service platform, providing the most efficient location information service for enterprise managers and developers.

Description: WhatsGPS is an IoT location service management platform built
on high-tech technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing,
blockchain, and big data. The connection of equipment, data and
information is integrated, and the rich API interfaces meet the access of
multiple types of equipment, support the customization of individual needs ofcustomers in vertical industries, and provide excellent and convenient smart
connection management services for domestic and foreign enterprises,
governments and individuals, thereby providing comprehensive The azimuthal and ntegrated IoT industry location service solution ultimately realizes the
data linkage between people and things, and promotes the construction of
IoT smart cities.

Core functions display:
·Real-time positioning: Beidou/GPS, base station, WIFI multi-mode real-time
precise positioning and obtain position in milliseconds.
·Status monitoring: Real-time monitoring of vehicle start/stop, idle speed,
temperature, fuel volume, etc., allowing you to monitor devices at any time.
·Risk warnings: About 23 kinds of early warnings, support various methods
such as platform, APP, SMS, phone , etc real-time alarm push reminder.
·Track playback: Vehicle historical route data is stored in the cloud server for checking any time.
·Remote control: Quick command by app and web to control vehicle status,  remote control equipment.
·Fence management: A variety of free-form fences limit the vehicle driving
area, and the vehicle enters/leaves the limited area to trigger an alarm.
·Data analysis: Multi-dimensional data statistics, create scenario-based data
analysis to provide data support for your decision.

Platform Features Display:
·SAAS cloud platform management: Account multi-level authority management, with clear classification, convenient management.
·Componentized scene service: Create different scene-based functional services to achieve personalized recommendations and to meet the needs of
different industries.
·Hardware Compatibility: Whatsgps is Compatible with nearly 200 mainstream Beidou gps trackers on the market, as well as monitor sensor equipment of
infrared, oil, temperature, humidity, weight etc.
·Convenient Devices Management: The device can be conveniently imported,
sold and renewed online at any time through the platform.
·Language compatibility: Support more than 13 languages in the world.
High-end Cusomized Service: Including domain name LOGO,home page cover various details customization and app customization
·7/24 Professional Service: Technical customer service is online 7/24, providing professional technical support services at any time. Read more
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