Werewolf Game Night in Prison

Werewolf Game Night in Prison


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Werewolf Game Night in Prison game

Offline & Remote Werewolf Game. The popular party game.

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The worldwide hit "Werewolf Game"!
This app is an easy-to-understand introduction to the Werewolf Game for beginners.
The total number of players has exceeded 300 million, and the fun of the Werewolf Game is spreading rapidly. Please enjoy this popular party game for free!

[Game Description]
If you cannot find the "werewolf" who is lying, one person will be killed every night. Can you find the "werewolf" with your skilful storytelling, insight, and deductive reasoning?

You may think you have executed the "werewolf" by majority vote, but you may end up killing someone with important abilities.

Is this a game of "suspecting your friends" or "finding friends you can really trust"? The style of play is up to you.

[Easy to use navigation function even for beginners.]
In a card-based Werewolf Game, the game master, who acts as the facilitator, needs to be familiar with the game and cannot participate in it. With this application, however, the game master only needs to read the instructions displayed on the screen, and anyone can easily start the game. And the game master can also participate as a player!
(Up to 20 players can play on one iPhone!)

Special Cards for even more heat in the game!
There are many special cards available to make the battle between werewolves and humans even more complicated! You can use your special abilities to win the game, or you can choose not to reveal yourself in order to survive. Special positions add depth to the game.

[Special Cards]

Fortune Teller: Each night, he will know the identity of one player.

Knight: Every night, he can protect one player from werewolves.

Shaman: He will know the identity of a dead player.

Psycho: He is a person in the werewolf team. Lies to help the werewolves.

Lovers: A pair of two people. They know each other's true identities.

Vampires: A third force that is neither werewolf nor human. If you survive to the end, you win alone!

Many other new cards have been added to this game.
You will have a new experience no matter how many times you play!

[Aim for Top Player]
This app has a unique point system. The most active players will be ranked.
You can even think of a reward for the top player at the end of the "Werewolf Game Party"!

[Subscription Features]
...Card Master Key
Allows access to all cards.

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