War of Independence

War of Independence


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War of Independence game

War of Independence an epic strategy war game set in the age of colonial.

Build your civilization, assemble your army and plunder resources to fuel your conquest!
Build your base and repel invaders; your army needs your full efforts to grow stronger!

Game Features:
Base Development
World conquest starts with building a formidable base.
Increase resource production and storage; soldiers are no good on an empty stomach!
Upgrade castles, barracks and technologies to improve your base's defenses and military power.

Units have their own strengths and weaknesses. Use this strategy to counter your enemies!
Generals each have their own special skills!
Excellent commander utilizes the battlefield environment to maximize the effect of troop deployment. Learn to get the best results with tactics and minimum costs!

The age of colony is an age of war!
PVE, PVP, 1v1, or even World War; the choice is yours! Be a conqueror in the wargame!

Join an Alliance to speed up development! Build an Alliance to gather powerful allies to conquer the world!
Rally your allies to attack and defend simultaneously. Strength in Unity!
Ready yourself for blood-boiling Alliance Wars that will rock the very world!

Visual Effects
Stunning graphics presented by top artists devoted to polishing every detail of the game.
Experience the features of that glorious era, and recreate the sites of history's greatest battles.

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