Vinny toddler, preschool games

Vinny toddler, preschool games


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Vinny toddler, preschool games app

Educational games for kids 2+

Something meaningful for child development and fun for you.
AND something that does not require TON of preparations. AND can be tried right away.ч

We have a solution for you: Vinny.
Vinny is about quality time with your kids and minimal effort.

Vinny is a mobile app.
Get 1000 ideas for meaningful time with your child at your fingertips!

Our task is straightforward: suggest the best fun activities for you and your kid.

How it works

Both YOUR and YOUR KID’S interests matter. We always keep it in mind.

All you need is to take four simple steps.
Number one. Tell us what you like.
Number two. Get the best matching games.
Number three. Customize the game if necessary.
Number four. Enjoy the game and get an achievement badge!

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