Vehicle Owner Information RTO

Vehicle Owner Information RTO


Just scan any vehicle number and find vehicle information in details.

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Vehicle Owner Information RTO app

Want to know the details of the vehicle parked just outside your gate for days ?
Want to check details before buying old vehicle ?
Want to know who is the owner of the car that you are buying ?
Want to know the history of the car before purchasing?
Don't know how to get vehicle owner details ?

स्कैन करके मालिक का नाम जाने application happy to helps you to just scan number plate of any vehicle from your camera and find owner details in a seconds.
Verify your vehicle registration details, on which Persons name it is registered.

Vehicle Owner Information gives you opprotunities that you will just scan number from number plate from camera and show vehicle owner details.
You can find after scanning number plate from camera like
- Owner Name
- Owner Address
- Vehicle Age
- Engine Number
- Chassis Number
- Vehicle Registration Date
- Vehicle Registration City
- Vehicle Type
- Vehicle Model
- Vehicle City & State information
- Vehicle insurance details...

So, just scan number plate and find owner details in one click. Read more
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