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Uable - Social App for Teens


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Chat and hangout with the largest teen only community. Find your tribe on Uable.

Welcome to the teen-verse. ????????‍♀️????????‍♂️????

About the App:

Welcome to the exclusive community of teens, where you can be your true self! We’re a teen-first space, where you connect, chat, hangout and make the most of your teenage years. Whether you’re an influencer, a gamer, a writer, a photographer, or an entrepreneur, you’ll find one such teen on Uable.

We hear the unheard voices, we hear your desires and aspirations, and we want you to make your dreams a reality. Teens are the most exhilarating bunch of people, brimming with talent and undiscovered potential that they themselves may not realise always. And this is where Uable changes the game.

Recognise your skills and talent, mingle with like-minded teen communities. Chat about K-Pop, gaming, anime, photography etc. and hangout with friends who truly get you. Discover yourself and teens like you on Uable. Chat and hangout with fun people and live everyday like Fun-Day. Put your gaming gear on and chill with your gaming buddies who’re as excited as you are to play your favourite games or jam with friends on songs you both like.

Learning and expressing has no age boundaries. We are a platform for you with content by you. Find relatable content by Gen Z creators all day, every day. Come, build your community on Uable and do exciting stuff like:
Join teen-only communities
Share and explore amazing content
Stay updated with popular trends among teens
Shop teen-first products and goodies
Unlock extraordinary deals
Earn U-Coins and other rewards
Discover teen-specific memes, videos, lessons, etc.

Connect with pumped up teens as well as teens who’re still on the learning verge, exploring their time and the greatest opportunities lined up their way. You need not wait to build a better future after you build your career. You can start today and enjoy your present days of teenage life!

Wait. There’s more…
If you often find yourself clueless amidst a bunch of people, we’ll sort that for you. Join Clubs to meet teens with like-minded interests, share stories, and explore skills together.

Make many friends, connect based on interests and chat about your similar obsessions. Moreover, you get to participate in daily challenges and keep your level up by competing within your community. You can also chat with fellow Uablers around the world by exchanging dialogues in your particular community. Attend online events hosted by Gen Z creators and your favourite influencers, streamers, creators, etc.

If you are hyped up about the latest K-Pop album released recently, get into the K-Pop Fanatics zone and go on blabbering about your favourite K-Pop Stars and K-Pop albums. No one to judge you but to fill you up on things you’ve missed. You can only expect more, explore more, and know more about your interests on Uable’s communities exclusive to teens.

Hold on. Did you say you’re into Anime?
Say no more! Uable has a huge bunch of content about Anime, a community of fellow anime fans like you who can’t get enough chatting about and connecting on stories of anime. Who’s your idol? Naruto, Itachi, Levi? There’s more this community can talk about. So what’s stopping you? Hop into this community of anime lovers and find yourself amidst a crowd you can never get bored with.

Connect, hangout, chat, gossip and do everything together with your friends on Uable. Discover pretty amazing deals on products as you shop teen-first electronics, well-being and other cool products. Earn U-Coins and win rewards to show off in your community and utilise your U-Coins to get great discounts on your favourite products.

To summarise, Uable’s vision is to enable every teenager to live their best life, because we truly believe you are Made for More!

Join the teen revolution. Join Uable. ????

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