TV News - 2000+ Channels

TV News - 2000+ Channels


More news channels than any TV app - 2000+ on-demand and live news channels

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TV News - 2000+ Channels app

The TV app for world news and live news:

❶ Top news video from today on-demand. Watch TV while using other apps or watch news full screen.

❷ Search 2500+ world news TV channels by name, language or country. More channels than any other dedicated news app..

❸ Watch live news from 450+ channels, including many top global broadcasters live.

❹ Latest news stories with freshest video news from your favorite TV channels.

❺ World news, national news, and local news in over 90 languages from most countries.

It's the free TV news channels app for world TV online that's the best for news videos, live TV news, and world TV. Watch news channels from TV on your mobile. Broadcast news with diverse global perspectives in one easy to use app.

How to Use the TV News App - User Tips

1. Favorites - ❤ the news channels you love to watch. Then watch the latest videos from all your channels with the breaking news on top. Search news channels via the app and favorite your 10-20 top television channels or local news channels. Then, any hour of the day, you'll find the latest news in Your Videos. Use our filters at the bottom of the screen to choose how many videos you want to see per channel that were released in the last 2 hours up to 2 days.

2. Live TV - For live news, see Your Live for the news TV live in the language you pick. Live TV from more channels than any other in one free TV app - over 450 live TV channels. All the world’s major languages are covered providing global news access.

3. Discover Quality News - Watch TV news from our collection of Top news channels or News Stories from major countries in many languages. Filter by time, language, and more. We pick the best channels with either a steady stream of fresh videos or popular channels with a solid reputation for trusted news and journalism. You'll find free TV news magazines, nightly news, morning shows, news reports, and late night talk show political satire and interviews.

4. World Services - We like TV channels from countries that attempt to share news with global audiences in many local languages. Global news reports from the BBC, VOA, DW, France 24, CGTN, NHK and many more. To see all the amazing choices, go to the ALL channels section and use the bottom filters. On the bottom left, change the region setting to the World Services setting (yes it's buried with news by continents) and set the language filter as you like. Set language to All and you'll be amazed at the variety of global perspectives and opportunities for greater understanding available. (And honestly, government-funded propaganda in many cases that shares insights into international foreign affairs.)

5. Looking for Free Cable News? - Apps offering free live streams of CNN, MSNBC, FOXNews, and BBC World News aren't legitimate. While we have those popular news channels on-demand, if you are looking for live world news in English, we have some favorites free live news channels that we recommend:
France 24
SkyNews UK
Al Jazeera
ABC Australia
CNA Channel News Asia from Singapore
NBC News Now
FOX LiveNow
NDTV India
CNN News18 India
Many live channels across Africa.

Beyond English, we have many live channels for Spanish news, French news, Arabic news, news in Korean, Chinese news, Hindi news and more. We have over 75 live news streams from across India.

A truly global news world awaits you.

Try our news TV app and send us feedback and recommendations on news channels to add: [email protected]

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