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TunesTube: free music online & YouTube music player,not music downloader.

TunesTube: free music online & YouTube music player, enjoy free music YouTube & YouTube music video, not music downloader/music offline.

TunesTube (free music for YouTube) :
-keep free music playing even using other apps in free music app- TunesTube;
-Enjoy unlimited music YouTube & music video in free music app-Tunes Radio;
-YouTube music player for search, listen and set playlist for free songs;
-Music box of all kinds of freemusic, selected by genres, modes and more;
-Music radio for personal recommendation of freemusic;

Features of ♫ TunesTube (free music for YouTube) :
1.Unlimited music for YouTube & music video:
Millions of free songs on Music YouTube, all music genres included in the our YouTube music player, such as pop, jazz, country music and more.

2. Floating popup player for non-stop listening:
Floating popup for multitasking, keep music for YouTube & music video playing even using other apps; easily move the floating popup to anywhere of the screen with our free music app.

3. Music Radio for personalized recommendation:
Music Radio is a personal music station for users individualized need, in music radio you can find and enjoy freemusic of your own taste.

4. Search& Playlist:
Searching free music for YouTube by artist or the name of free songs, set your own music tube and add your favorite free songs & music video.

What’s new in ♫ TunesTube ( free YouTube Music Player) :
Trends of Music, hot songs now!
Top charts: different charts to find popular free songs now, including hot 100 in Billboard, iTunes Top 100, popular YouTube music video and more;
Hot singers: easily find who is hot now and listen to their top songs in our music box.
Classic of Music, greatest of all time!

Declaration& Feedback:
♫ TunesTube ( free YouTube Music Player/ Music for YouTube) is a 3rd party music player powered by YouTube API, all contents powered by YouTube; In TunesTube, only online music is available, offline music is not provided in our music streaming app(free YouTube music app). As well, it is not music downloader and music download is not allowed since the terms of YouTube API; As well, offline music is not allowed in ♫ TunesTube (free YouTube music app) .

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