TUDA — order a ride

TUDA — order a ride


Order a taxi or delivery at a fair price.

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TUDA — order a ride app

TUDA is a cutting-edge app that lets you quickly order rides or deliveries at various rates.
The Motorcycle rate is for people who value their time. The Auto rate is for daily rides. Use our Courier rate if you need to send documents or parcels to somebody. Choose Shopping and Delivery rate if you want your driver to buy groceries, food, or other goods for you and deliver them to you.

Order your rides quickly
You can specify your route’s starting point on the map, or just start entering the required address — the app will fill in the rest. Enable GPS, and the From field will fill in automatically. Specify all the addresses you need and you will see your price on screen.

Manage your rides with ease
TUDA lets you manage your orders easily, saving your precious time. You don’t need to wait for your current order to be completed to create a new one. You can create several orders at once: for example, you can order both an immediate ride and a scheduled delivery. Select the Scheduled Order feature and, when the scheduled time comes, your driver will be waiting for you.

Track your driver's location on the map. If you want the driver to drive closer, make a free call or send them a message in the app. Edit your route as you ride and send your route to your friends and relatives on any social network or via text message.

Hassle-free payment
In the form for requests related to your order, tell your driver which banknotes you will be paying with, so he or she can prepare change for you.

Help us improve our service
Give honest feedback about your rides. Both likes and dislikes affect your driver's rating. The best drivers get more orders. Read more
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