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Truth or Dare Dating is the new way of dating.

Truth or Dare Dating is the new way of dating. Who says you cannot have fun while getting to know each other? The best way to get to know a person is by asking questions. This dating app allows you to meet people all over the world while using pre-loaded questions that guide you through the process of knowing each other.
This new way of dating uses one of the oldest and fun concepts to make dating fun from day one. The first level is all about getting to know each other. Each person gets the opportunity to ask each other 10 questions using the pre-loaded questions. Each person grades each other after each response. If both persons score 70% or better on level one, then they are a match and advance to level two. Level two gives you the opportunity to turn up the heat. The players can choose to continue using level one questions or can mix them up with questions from level two. Once each player advances to level two, they can choose to chat directly or use questions from our naughty or daredevil categories. Level two is for the wild daredevils that are looking to have fun and meet new people. Read more
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