Trivialist — Offline Trivia Quiz Game

Trivialist — Offline Trivia Quiz Game


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Trivialist — Offline Trivia Quiz Game game

The original quiz game based on lists of things. Play offline: no wifi required.

TriviAlist! is a new offline trivia quiz game about the biggest, the best, and the most famous. It’s a game all about the ‘A - lists’ of life. Can you SORT 5 things in order? MATCH 5 pairs of things together? SELECT 5 things from a list of 10?

SORT items by year, weight, length, value, distance, mass, speed and many other ways. For example, ‘Sort these famous cities by population’, ‘Sort these baseball teams by their net worth’, or ‘Sort these kids’ TV shows by when they were first broadcast’
MATCH items together – for example, ‘Match the singer to their album’, ‘Match the country to the flag color’, ‘Match the quote to the movie’, or ‘Match the animal to their favorite food’.
SELECT 5 items from a list of 10 things – for example, ‘Select the 5 actors who appeared in the Harry Potter movies’, ‘Select the 5 objects that are smaller than the Moon’, ‘Select the 5 events that occurred before the US Civil War’ or ‘Select the 5 celebrities who married more than 5 times’

TriviAlist! will test your knowledge like no other game. Get tested on a wide variety of subjects:
- Movies (all genres, movie actors, directors, studios, history of film).
- Music (singers, bands, singles, albums)
- TV (shows and TV actors)
- The Arts (visual and performance arts)
- History (military history, political history, royal history, US history, ancient history, etc.)
- Science (astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, etc.).
- Sport (Soccer, Golf, American Football, Baseball, Olympics, Tennis, Cycling, etc.)
- Celebrities
- Cooking
- Nature
- Geography (countries, cities, natural world, etc.)
- Video Games
- Business (economies, companies, products)

TriviAlist! is free to play!
TriviAlist! does not require a connection to play! You can play offline / with no wifi connection! (you need to connect only on the first play, then you are able to play offline).
TriviAlist! has over 3000 lists to keep you engaged for weeks!

It’s totally free to play, however some game features can also be purchased for real money.
If you have any problems or would like to make any suggestions, you can reach us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook at Read more
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