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You are treating addiction with psychedelics and or psychedelics and addiction recovery now? Trippy Wallpaper is the answer. Trippy wallpaper HD (aka psychedelic wallpaper) are something that you definitely consider while keeping a desktop background image. Trippy images are really cool and interesting and will definitely turn lots of heads when they see the trippy wallpaper of your phone. Not only on phone but trippy backgrounds look really great on tablets as well, All you need to consider is the dimensions of your phone and which images suits you best to keep as a background.

To understand the more about "trippy wallpaper", first we need to understand about the word trippy, if you google this word it will tell you that this word means inducing the hallucinatory effect produced by taking a psychedelic drug. This basically means people who have taken some sort of psychedelic drug sometimes view or experience such type of images with really bright colours and really great creativity etc.

"Trippy Wallpaper" contain of psychedelic graphic design in reality an optical illusion which are of haphazard pattern and innovative way (trippy effect) to use as a wallpaper for your android device. Do you know what is the premium of this trippy apps? trippy mushrooms and 3D psychedelic wallpaper. Enjoy! Read more
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