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Track Phone Number Location


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Track Phone Number Location app

????Family locator, Free family location tracker, locate love, friends and phone.

????Looking for a free and free family locator app?

Try this Family locator - GPS Location tracker App, find family/friends / your loved ones through mobile numbers, install now and get the family link to anyone you trust, begin to track their locations on the phone. By using this free family location tracker app, you can easily track family members' location and share the phone location with others, enhancing love & safe among family members.

Family Locator - GPS Location Tracker, easy to know families' movement:
???? Phone Tracker For Free, find family & friends location, know where they are all the time.
???? Find my friends/kids/family, find my phone on the maps, and give you the shortest route to find them.
???? Share real-time location with families & friends to stay in touch with each other.
???? Ensure the life 360 safety of your loved ones with this family locator app.
???? Respond to SOS signal rapidly when someone gets into trouble.

You can do with the Family Locator App - free family location tracker App:
????????‍♀️ Track mobile number location free among family memberships, and friends.
????‍???? Find family location on the maps and track their real-time phone location.
????????‍♀️ Find my friends/family/kids, find my phone/device quickly with the shortest route planned by the family locator app.
????‍???? Family link add up to 4 people at a time, create your private groups and invite your love, friends, whoever you care about.

Simple to use the Family Locator - Phone Location Tracker:
✔️ Open the family locator, location tracking app
✔️ Allow location permissions(Don worry, it won't collect your personal information)
✔️ Choose a character, parent, or child

????If you choose parent:
-the family tracker app will give you a code number for the family link
-enter the code on another mobile phone you want to track
-click "find child's phone" on the left page of the family locator app, then the location tracker begins to work on the background
????If you choose child:
-enter the code on your mobile phone, the life360 locator is prepared ready!

-Please note, the family GPS location tracking app can only be used and linked to the people you trust.
-Make sure your Internet is connected when using the Family Locator App, also phone tracker by number, mobile number tracker. If the Internet signal is weak, the family tracker app can't track family members' location accurately.
-Please open Google Maps first. We provide the family tracking service and display the movements on Google maps.
-If one of you closed the family locator app, the GPS location, phone location can't be found. If you want to safeguard your kids, family, friends, loved ones, and know where they are, you should tell them this GPS tracker is used for their life 360 security and keep it running background. Read more
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