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Total Wealth Tracker is the world’s best way to track your net worth.

Total Wealth Tracker is the best and most user-friendly way for tracking your money, assets and investments, to empower retirement, and to build wealth. Turn your financial data into meaningful insights to help you track net worth and achieve financial freedom to empower retirement, whatever your financial freedom goal may be.

Key features:

Set your personal financial freedom goal: Total Wealth Tracker creates a personalized schedule of net worth targets to keep you on track to achieve your financial goals.

Your net worth data, all in one place: Total Wealth Tracker gives you a birds-eye view into your net worth and provides actionable insights by combining key financial data, such as your personal capital, stock portfolio, and real estate investments. It’s the world’s most user-friendly retirement calculator.

Know where your stock portfolio stands: Is your stock portfolio outperforming or underperforming? Total Wealth Tracker provides you with cutting-edge tools only available to those investing with the world’s top wealth management firms. Track your annual average returns from investing, total returns as a percentage from investing, and total returns in dollars to ensure your stock portfolio is growing faster than the market, and you are building wealth.

Track your real estate returns: Are your real estate assets building wealth or eating away at your money? With rising property taxes, maintenance expenses and more cash outflows, it’s not always easy to know whether your investments are paying off. Total Wealth Tracker takes all of your income, expenses and property values and translates them into real performance figures, giving you insight into whether or not your real estate investments are paying off.

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