Top 10 mobile games with the most downloads in the world today

The development of technology brings a lot of different types of games. At the same time, it enriches and diversifies the game village today. So what are the most downloaded…

The development of technology brings a lot of different types of games. At the same time, it enriches and diversifies the game village today. So what are the most downloaded games in the world, bringing no small impact? Let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 most downloaded mobile games in the world today through this article with Canhrau.

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  • Subway Surfers
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Among Us
  • Angry Birds 2
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Pokemon Go
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Temple Run 2
  •  Clash of Clans


Subway Surfers

Developer: Kiloo, SYBO Games

Release date: 23 May 2012

Compatible platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Windows Phone,…

Category: scene running, role-playing

Subway Surfers download link for Android:

Subway Surfers download link  for iOS:

Subway Surfers is one of the most downloaded games in the world today according apkpure247. Although it has been released for more than 10 years, its hotness has never decreased. Over the past year, this game has remained at the top of downloads. Why are Subway Surfers so chosen? Perhaps due to the upgrade in gameplay, the graphics constantly make it always keep its hotness.

In Subway Surfers, players will play the role of naughty teenagers who like to paint graffiti everywhere. And when people spot and catch these teens, you need to control them to run, overcome obstacles. At the same time, if you want to buy items to support your escape, you can collect coins that appear on the road.

However, in the process of running, if you stumble, the inspector catches or hits the obstacles, the game will end. The gameplay is simple but attractive that is the attractive element of this endless runner game.

Candy Crush Saga

Developer: King

Release date: April 12, 2012

Compatible platforms: App Store, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS,….

Category: puzzle solving

Candy Crush Saga download link for Android:

Candy Crush Saga download link  for iOS:

When referring to the top mobile game with the most downloads today, there is no shortage Candy Crush Saga. This is King’s most legendary and outstanding game. It has attracted a huge amount of load every year and brings no small profit. Since 2020, Candy Crush Saga has reached 1 billion downloads and ranks second on the list of the most played games today.

As the name implies, Candy Crush Saga offers bright, candy-filled graphics. The gameplay developed by King is based on the legendary Bejeweled game but has the creativity to help players not feel bored. Instead of increasing difficulty, Candy Crush Saga arranges difficult and easy-to-intertwine games. This makes the player more motivated when at a higher level. That’s why it’s the most downloaded game on your phone over the years.

Garena Free Fire

Publisher: Garena

Release date: 23 A5ugust 2017

Compatible platform: Android, iOS

Genres: survival, action, adventure, role-playing.

Garena Free Fire download link for Android:

Garena Free Fire download link  for iOS:

Garena Free Fire is probably one of the hottest mobile survival games today. According to the published report, Garena Free Fire has collected over 1 Billion downloads on Google Play. At the same time, the revenue from Garena is not little. Thereby helping publisher develops more attractive new updates.

In Garena Free Fire, 50 players will choose jumping locations on the same map. You can play in teams to increase your chances of winning. In this world, gamers need to collect guns, ammo, items to help themselves survive. The time circle will shrink every few minutes to speed up players to meet and eliminate opponents. This is a game that requires both skill and thinking from gamers.

Among Us

Developer: InnerSloth

Release time: June 15, 2018

Compatible platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch,…

Genre: Survival, Action.

Among Us download link for Android:

Among Us download link  for iOS:

Among Us is one of the few most downloaded games in recent years despite its short release time. The game context is inspired by the universe, spaceships. If you have ever loved the traditional game of Werewolves, you should not miss this game. Among Us received many positive responses from experts and players. It is extremely suitable when playing online with a group of friends.

Players participating in Among Us are divided into the following two roles: Astronaut or Impersonator. The impostor must find a way to kill the crew members without being detected. And astronauts need to find the culprit, and at the same time do the tasks to help the spacecraft work. In the middle of the game circuit, there will be meetings to vote to find out who is hiding. In addition, Among Us also brings many elements from surprise, fun, drama, … to players.

Angry Bird 2

Publisher: Rovio Entertainment

Release date: December 10, 2009

Compatible platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS,….

Genre: Puzzle, Strategy.

Angry Bird 2 download link for Android:

Angry Bird 2 download link  for iOS:

If you have ever seen the movie Angry Bird 2, do not ignore the game of the same name by Rovio Entertainment. This is a game that brings huge profits and influence to the publisher. With more and more download requests, Rovio has included the game in the app stores to match today’s popular platforms. So this is definitely an indispensable name in the top game with the most downloads in the world today.

The context of the game is about birds with unique talents and strengths. Because the pigs stole the eggs, the birds teamed up to get them back. There are many maps and tasks for players to complete to win rewards. However, the higher the level, the more difficult the game becomes. Angry Bird 2 attracts players in both graphics and extremely attractive gameplay mechanics. So this is the game with the most downloads on mobile devices today.

PUBG Mobile

Developer: Lightspeed & Quantum, PUBG.

Release time: February 9, 2018

Compatible Platform: Android, iOS

Genre: Action, Survival, Role Playing.

PUBG Mobile download link for Android:

PUBG Mobile download link  for iOS:

Currently, survival games are popular with many gamers, including PUBG Mobile. This is a game that has a reputation in the streamer world. Therefore, when its mobile version was released, it attracted a large number of downloads. Over the years, this is still a familiar name on the ranking of the most downloaded games. It has since become one of the highest-grossing mobile games.

In PUBG Mobile, 100 players will fight for survival against each other in one map. The number of people participating in the match is much more than Free Fire, increasing the drama and challenge for players. You can join your teammates or randomly pair up to show teamwork. Each match lasts about 30 minutes, only when there is only 1 team left, the game will end. To win this battle for survival, you need to collect necessary items such as armor, guns, hats, grenades.

In addition, the circle around the map will shrink after a certain amount of time, so you need to capture the information and avoid standing outside the circle. Because if you stand outside the circle, you will lose blood and even lose blood to death.

Currently, PUBG Mobile has been released in many different territories, meeting the needs of players around the world.

Pokemon Go

Developer: Niantic

Release time: July 6, 2016

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, iPadOS

Genre: Pokemon Game.

Pokemon Go download link for Android:

Pokemon Go download link  for iOS:

One of the world’s most downloaded games that would like to introduce to you is Pokemon Go. The game has exploded for a long time with fans of the Pokemon series. This Pokemon game offers virtual interactions inspired by this hugely popular series. In just a short time of release, Niantic has reaped huge profits from the reputation of Pokemon Go.

The mechanics of this game are also extremely simple and attractive. You will be playing the role of a Pokemon trainer. The player’s task is through the map, GPS to collect the Pokemon around him. Then conduct training, upgrade their strength. The number of Pokemon is a lot and is designed exactly like the original in their stories.

During your move, if on the way there are Pokémon, these Pokémon will be displayed on the map. If you want to catch them, just click on the displayed Pokémon and open the camera to see the Pokémon appear right in front of your eyes.

Therefore, this game attracted the fans of this series and became the most downloaded game during that release.

Fruit Ninja

Developer: HalfBrick Studios

Release date: April 21, 2010

Compatible platforms: Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Symbian OS,…

Genre: Action, Arcade.

Fruit Ninja download link for Android:

Fruit Ninja download link  for iOS:

Fruit Ninja is also a famous mobile game for a while and was downloaded by many people to their phones. In just two years of launch, it has attracted more than 300 million purchases. Then, due to great user demand, the release brought Fruit Ninja to more app stores. Since then, it has become one of the most downloaded mobile games, bringing in good revenue and commercial performance.

The mechanism of Fruit Ninja is very simple, players only need to swipe the screen at the position of the fruit falling to be able to slash them. However, during the game, you may encounter bombs and reduce the number of fruits you have owned. So you have to be quick to detect them quickly to avoid them. At the same time, you should also avoid dropping fruit too much, because if you drop more than 3 fruits, you will be eliminated and your turn will be over.

There are many modes to choose from, each with its own characteristics and gameplay. That makes players feel not bored and more challenging. Fruit Ninja also received positive responses, even suitable for children.

Temple Run 2

Developer: Imangi Studios

Release date: January 16, 2013

Compatible platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, …

Genre: running scene, role-playing.

Temple Run 2 download link for Android:

Temple Run 2 download link  for iOS:

Temple Run 2 is an endless running game that is quite familiar to many users. Right from the time the mobile game genre developed, this is a name that has received a lot of support from users. Moreover, it also develops according to 3D graphics technology to bring newness and creativity to attract users. Currently, Temple Run 2 is still one of the most downloaded games in the world.

Temple Run 2 is set in a mysterious land with temples. Players take on the role of an adventurer who searches for secrets but is chased by demon monkeys. To escape, you must overcome difficult terrain from mountains, rivers, streams, to traps, obstacles.

You need to help the adventurer overcome obstacles, collect money and items to increase strength. Collected money can be used to buy many character upgrades. Simple game mechanics, beautiful graphics are the reasons that help this game attract a large number of users.

Clash of Clans

Developer: Supercell

Release time: August 2, 2012

Compatible Platform: Android, iOS

Genre: Real-time Strategy, Action.

Clash of Clans  download link for Android:

Clash of Clans download link  for iOS:

Clash of Clans is a tower defense strategy game on the phone that has received active support from many players. Previously, most strategy games were only available on PC, this is a name that satisfies mobile users. So if it is said that the game has the most downloads, this name is indispensable. Clash of Clans brings great gameplay, graphics, and extremely attractive development content.

Players participating in Clash of Clans will build and develop their village. At the same time, train and equip the army to conquer other lands. You need to strike a balance between exploiting resources and using them sensibly. Players can also join groups to develop together, chat with each other to impart experience when playing the game.

Above are the top 10 mobile games with the most downloads in the world, which have a great influence on the market today. Most people recognize the success of these games and rate them very positively. What names have you tried? Don’t forget to invite your friends to join you to “add friends for more fun”!