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Toddler educational games game

Play and Learn! Kids game features educational puzzles for toddlers aged 2-5.

Toddler educational games include puzzles for toddlers that will help to develop their coordination, attention, logic and motor skills.

The game for toddlers with various puzzles that are suitable for both boys and girls.

Experts believe that coloring and solving puzzles are very important in helping a child’s cognitive, psychological and creative development. Playing a puzzle and coloring in is so much more than an activity just for fun and should be actively encouraged.

Thanks to Toddler educational games, your children will learn from an early age to solve problems by adopting a structured strategy. The puzzles allow toddlers to accurately identify the correct shapes and colors. Coloring puzzles teach children to develop their memory. Toddlers also learn patience and the importance of perseverance.

Another benefit associated with Toddler educational games is that it improves fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This preschool learning game helps develop cognitive abilities by encouraging your child to focus and problem-solve.

The ability to complete a task successfully in the Toddler educational games boosts a child’s sense of accomplishment and confidence in themselves.

This toddlers game was created under the guidance of experts in preschool education and child psychology. Baby puzzles can be a part of kindergarten education.

Introduce your kids to new, exciting ways of learning with the help of Toddler educational games!

- 108 toddler puzzles on interesting topics: animals, dinosaurs, fairy tales, sea, professions, sweets, space, Christmas and Halloween.
- 3 baby game mechanics: dot-to-dot game, coloring for kids, match the block puzzles.
- Toddlers game for 2-5 years old kids.
- Offline Availability: let children enjoy the game while traveling.

Toddler educational games includes in-app purchases. 12 baby puzzles are free to play.

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