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Support OE level functions, coverage 37 manufacturer software.

Thinkdiag is composed of the Thinkdiag Dongle and Thinkdiag app, which can install client software and diagnostic software, to carry out vehicle fault diagnostics. Thinkdiag connects to the vehicles OBD port and communicates wireless with the smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Thinkdiag can scan the whole system which including reading version information, reading fault code, clearing fault code, reading data flow, ABS bleeding, etc.

1. Profession functions refer to OE level functions, such as read/clear code, data flow diagram, read ECU, drive test, bidirectional special functions, etc.
2. Support full-function OBD II diagnosis, read data flow, freeze frame read IM/real-time data, read/clear fault code, vehicle on-board monitoring/computer system control operation and read vehicle information.
3. Support vehicle maintenance light return to normal.
4. Select any vehicle diagnostic software, covering up to 39 major automobile manufacturers.
5. Support automatic VIN reading and one-key diagnosis.
6. Clear interpretation of fault codes and generate professional diagnostic reports.
7. Be able to communicate with other users within the ThinkDiag community (share/help/support). Read more
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