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Learn about the Minecraft Note Block and make music.

Note blocks were added to Minecraft alongside charcoal, lapis lazuli, dispensers, cake and squid in version Beta 1.2, which was released on 13 January 2011. That makes them seven years old, probably older than some of our youngest players. “Right click to tune, trigger to play” were the instructions given in the release notes at the time, which still hold true today. When you hit one or give it a redstone pulse, a little note will pop out of the top and anyone within 48 blocks will hear a sound - with the volume decreasing as you get further away.
— Duncan Geere

The instrument played depends on the material of the block underneath the note block. This app includes the instruments:
Wood : Double Bass
Sand : Snare Drum
Glass : Clicks and Sticks
Stone : Bass Drum
Even Java and Legacy Consoles Editions Only Notes are included:
Gold : Bell
Clay : Flute
Packed Ice : Chime
Wool : Guitar
Bone : Xylophone

This app was made by Blackbox App Studio. For support with any of my apps contact me at '[email protected]'. For a quicker response join my Discord server ''. Enjoy. Read more
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