The Couple Game - Relationship quiz for couples!

The Couple Game - Relationship quiz for couples!


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The Couple Game - Relationship quiz for couples! game

Realtime relationship quiz game for couples

On a date?
Don't let getting to know someone new be boring. Instead, break the ice with some questions. Learn something new about each other and let the conversation roll!

In a relationship?
So you're in a relationship and you're pretty happy, right? Well, now it's time to put you both to the test and see if you really know each other.

Miss them?
Run out of things to talk about or find yourself reverting to some of the same old topics? Maybe it's time to freshen up your game with some fun questions to ask them!

The rules of The Couple Game are simple:
1. First, you both answer some questions on each of your devices.
2. Then, you guess each other's answers!
3. Higher score wins!

Features nobody cares about (but we're proud of):
• Games are played on two devices - Send him/her a link and you'll both play on your own devices in real-time!
• Play anywhere! - They can play directly in a web browser if they choose not to download the app.
• Hundreds of questions - We have a lot of questions (seriously).
• Who's the boss? - Just play the game and we'll keep track of your scores.

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