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WiFi voice calling, free text, & group chat from a 2nd phone number for privacy.

Private texting, WiFi calling and high-quality messaging is just a few taps away with Text Free. Our secure messaging app offers you free text messaging and a real US phone number so you can text anyone, even if they don’t have the Text Free app. Call and text now with features such as free SMS messaging, group messaging, free MMS picture messaging, international texting & calling, voicemail – all from your cell phone, tablet or laptop for free.

With Text Free, you get unlimited text messaging, SMS, and MMS picture messages for free. Other chat apps can be expensive or complicated to use. Call and text for free, send group messages and stay connected with friends and family easily. Our WiFi calling feature makes it easy and affordable to keep in touch with your phone contacts. It’s a phone service app, without all of the high costs.

Create a 2nd phone number and get access to free WiFi calling and texting. Unlike other messaging apps, our free text and call app lets you create your own phone number, right down to the area code. Text Free makes it easy for you to create a secure phone number that is easy to remember and share with friends and family.

A second phone number allows you to have safe and secure private texting and phone call conversations. Text Free provides you with unparalleled text messaging and call privacy. Whether you need a private 2nd phone for business, family or other, Text Free has you covered. Hide text messages from unwanted numbers, send private messages or set up private texting chat rooms.

Messaging and calling – all from one easy-to-use, free messaging app. Since 2009, we have helped millions of people around the world stay connected with our telephone app. We aren’t like most chatting apps, we are the original Text Free – the free texting and WiFi calling app that can do it all. Start calling securely with Text Free today!



- Use our free texting app for free WiFi and SMS messaging
- Send an SMS or MMS from anywhere you have a WiFi connection
- Create a group chat with people from your contact list
- Group chats are perfect for connecting with friend groups, family, work and more!
- Group chat made fun – Send GIFs, emojis, stickers, and photos to your contact list and groups


- Communication your way: pick a cell phone number you want – right down to the area code
- Use our telephone app as a primary phone number or secondary phone number
- Get cellular privacy with a second phone number- Use your 2nd phone number for online forms, undesirable callers, or spam risks
- Don’t need a second phone number? No Problem. Turn your desktop, tablet or other Android devices into a phone with TextFree


- Private texting: hide text messages from unwanted callers and contacts
- Privacy messenger: secure end-to-end encryption of your personal private messages and calls
- Secure services like safe WiFi calling and texting you can trust
- Private 2nd phone number for business, school, family, or other personal contacts


- Unlimited calling limits
- Ad-free calling and texting experience
- Reserve your personalized second number without having to re-select
- Just $9 a month

TextFree is the original and best free texting app and 2nd phone number app available. Download Text Free today!


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