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Tennis for Two game

Tennis for Two was the first video game ever.

Have you ever wondered how did the idea of creating video games come? Who was the first to have the idea, and moreover, to implement it into a real game? And have you ever thought of how it looked like?

This app has been created to give you answers in a playful manner. It is indeed an emulation of the first real video game of history, called Tennis for Two. This game created in 1958 by William Higinbotham was actually displayed on an oscilloscope. We tried to reproduce the display as faithfully as possible. We also included sounds which come from the original Tennis for Two game of 1958.

Within the Tennis for Two app, you will also find interesting informations about the game, its creation and development and the way it has been forgotten and then discovered again.

Don't wait and start trying the very first video game created in the world!

*Please note there is no ad in the Tennis for Two app, as there were none in the original game! Read more
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