Storytime: English with Disney

Storytime: English with Disney


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Storytime: English with Disney game

Learn and play with your favorite Disney characters

You will love playing and learning with your favorite Disney characters with the new Storytime English language learning app. Journey through the story of Moana, a fearless young girl that sets sail across the ocean. Re-live the story of sisterhood, love and sacrifice with Elsa and Anna from “Frozen”. Or go on an adventure with your favorite characters like Sheriff Woody, and the characters from Cars by playing games, while learning and improving your English skills. You’ll be amazed with what you will learn with the Storytime app!

Top Features include:
• An English learning app starting from the basics to the most advanced English speakers.
• Learn English with your favorite Disney characters! New Disney movies and characters are constantly being added for added English learning fun!
• Get to know our lovely hostess as she guides you through the story of each Disney movie, while teaching English.
• Have fun with the interactive features for seamless English learning development.
• The most effective learning syllabus created by our Cambridge pedagogical team.
• Safe learning environment. No ads, pop ups or solicitations ever!
• Practice your English with our fun and interactive quizzes, specifically designed to challenge your abilities while acquiring new English terms and phrases.
• Fun games that instantly enhance your English skills and transforms learning English into play time!
• Featuring cross platform support so you can let your child learn English on any mobile device with one subscription.

Our Method:
• Start early! While naturally curious about learning new languages. Harvard University studies show that creativity, critical thinking skills and flexibility of the mind are significantly enhanced when learning a second language at a younger age.
• Learn English with Disney! Disney characters are the perfect learning companion for English, making it easier to embrace the learning process with beloved, familiar content.
• Learning with a familiar store! Learning terms and phrases can be intuitive and fun when it comes from a familiar story. Each Disney movie featured in the Storytime Disney app engaging you in a new world with different opportunities to learn English. The English is taught and practiced in the context of each movie’s storyline.
• Engage and educate! You will love watching your favorite Disney movies over and over. Learning a new word or phrase requires repetition, which paired with a Disney movie, makes it all the more fun! Repetition through Disney movies creates the bridge between a learning experience, in an enchanting and safe environment.

About Storytime:
Leading the market for over a decade, the Storytime brand is one of the largest language learning app providers in Latin America. With more than 50 million subscribed users and over 30 different apps and products, Storytime has become a synonym for a fun, engaging and intuitive language learning experience.

The Storytime Disney app offers a fun, easy and interactive way of learning English!

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