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Stickey Notes game

Play games to learn to read piano music.

No more boring flashcards or reading music drills! Enjoy learning to read piano music with these creative, engaging games. Start with the basics in Level 1, or jump right into an obstacle-dodging quest in Level 3.

• Level 1, Single Player: Characters are falling from the sky! Save the character from falling off the screen by selecting the piano key that matches the note name on his hat.

• Level 1, 2-Player: See who can score the most points before time runs out. Each player gets one side of the screen... but watch out for the flying naturals!

• Level 2, Single Player: Notes are moving toward certain doom. Select the character whose hat matches the note on the staff before the note reaches the clef mark.

• Level 2, 2-Player: Race to select the character with the correct note name before your opponent!

• Level 3, Single Player: Navigate your sprite through the moving notes, trying to avoid the wrong ones and hit the note that matches the highlighted key.

• Level 3, 2-Player: Race the other player to get to the correct note first. Read more
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