Spin the Bottle: Random Chat

Spin the Bottle: Random Chat


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Spin the Bottle: Random Chat game

Kissing game Spin the Bottle: random chat with strangers. Make friends here!

Welcome to social network app Spin the Bottle.

Best way to meet new people and make friends online is this social network app! Enter chat room for social communication and say, “kiss me”. Join our live community with millions of players from Google, Facebook, Vk, Ok, “My world”. A lot of fun anonymous awaits you. This is anonymous random chat room when you can say kiss me, talk to strangers, meet people & make friends online!

Who is “Spin the Bottle” for?

It’s for people who lack live communication! Random chat room where you can anonymous make friends and talk to strangers. Live chatting will solve these problems. You're able talk to strangers & make house party at table with friends from social networks! Kiss me or not — make anonymous right choice! Use chat, send kiss in chat room, meet people, and make friends at same time “Spin the Bottle”!

How to play “Spin the Bottle”?

Main functions of “Spin the Bottle” are kisses, live chatting, sending gifts, sharing music & videos. Once in game, by a snap you'll see a table full of local people. Send kiss in chat room with people you like. Make friends, send kiss in random chat, and meet people! Enter chat room & meet real people online! App will get a profile photo, age & location, all others is anonymous. Meet white & black people here, in random chat room, make friends and even meet people! You can play anonymously by logging from an anonymous account from social network. Players kiss each other, also you can enter random chat room & send messages. Send kiss in random chat room, meet people & make friends online! Get more kisses & be better kissed person of day/week. Want stand out in random chat? Buy VIP and color of your chat messages will change. It will make it easier meet people, talk to strangers, make friends, and get more kisses!

What’s so special about “Spin the Bottle”?
  • A good selection of cool gifts! Good way: anonymous make friends, meet people and talk to strangers????

  • A lot of funny social games inside: truth or dare, spin the bottle, daily competitions????

  • Who gets more kisses & be most kissed person?????

  • Talk to strangers in random Chat! Meet people and make friends online by using live chatting!????

  • Game for everyone: men, women, teens, adults, white & black people!????

  • Share favorite music from social networks & videos on YouTube????

  • Make friends in random chat room & create individual look????

  • Kiss me or not! Chatting, relationship, love, friendship start here!????

How to log in and contact “Spin the Bottle” support?

Use your account from Facebook, Google, Vk, Ok, or “My world” & log in. App will get profile photo, age, location, other info is anonymous. So, players at table will be around same age, location & make easier friendship & social communication. Kiss in random chat room & make a new life: play from an anonymous account, so your life would be private. Use random chat, meet real people, make friends online!

Like Spin the Bottle? Want to meet people, talk to strangers or make friends? Check our pages:

Facebook: facebook.com/spinthebottlepage

VK: vk.com/kissgame

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