Space Restaurant - 多多星球美食

Space Restaurant - 多多星球美食


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Space Restaurant - 多多星球美食 game

Make delicious space food, experience exciting interstellar delivery

Kids, Space Restaurant is open!
So many delicious takeaways! No matter how far the distance is, even across the stars, just to deliver delicious food to customers!

Mushroom Chicken Rice, Broccoli Shrimp Rice, Chicken Mushroom Soup, Grilled Chicken Wings, Grilled Prawns, Sushi, Noodles, Dumplings, Ice Cream, Orange Juice... A variety of takeaway orders, nutritional matching, exquisite presentation, It looks better and tastes better!

Space Restaurant simulates the real takeout order process, from order receipt to food production, to delivery to friends. Unlike the past, it needs to take a spacecraft to deliver meals to guests! Take a spaceship and travel among the stars, a complete and exciting experience of planetary food delivery! Children, do you want to experience the exciting and exciting life of a planetary deliveryman? Let's take the spaceship together to take orders!


✮Wonderful experience: planet deliveryman, take a spaceship, travel across the stars!
✮Food customization: Different order information for take-out meals will super test children's memory, keen insight and execution ability!
✮ Flash delivery to home: the meal is ready, sent out in time, and delivered in seconds!
✮Exquisite animation: Well-crafted animation design, interstellar graphics, simple and cool, fun and easy to operate!
✮Professional voice acting: The voice acting is lively and interesting, as if you are in the scene!

Beautiful, delicious, interesting and fun planetary food takeaway trip, children, come and experience being a small planetary takeaway! Read more
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