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Space - Digital Banking


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SPACE is a fully digital bank, with the ambition of transforming the traditional financial systems’ out of touch approach. SPACE will change the way people handle their daily financial needs with a fusion of technology and design that makes banking simple.

Our approach to banking centers around the digital space as a core and fundamental value. SPACE mobile application is re-engineering and re-imagining banking, crafted to be 100% customer-aligned through that digital core.

SPACE is a mobile app for managing daily finances that saves you time and money. We are crafting the best customer experience by simple processes and products, beautiful and efficient design, instant service delivery and transparent pricing.

SPACE creates a customer orientated experience through its simple design and smooth products. We believe in creating our product on the pillars of instant service delivery and transparent pricing alongside user-centered design and experience. We take pride in spearheading the next generation of financial transactions.

Within our app, all the processes are fully digital. No more time spent on branch visits or interactions with the banking clerk - daily banking is fully delivered through our app, complete with the beautiful and functional user experience design, leading to safe and seamless financial transactions.

We offer a fast loan, money transfers, utility payments, space card and ability to manage all your bank’s cards in one space. \You control your own finances. Read more
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