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Social Media Apps, Call Screen, Edge Lighting, Wallpapers and Translate in One

Social Messenger All in One app dedicated its time to offering all popular social media apps in one, alongside personalized features such as chat translator, call screen, edge lighting, wallpaper, gifs, stickers, emoji, camera translator, offline translation, phrasebook, and more...

You will be able to chat, make video calls, message and translate freely, fluently, and confidently on your messenger apps

* All popular messenger, chat, video call, social apps in one
* No last seen, no blue ticks on chat
* Read your messages without being seen by anyone.
* Message your friends on invisibly and incognito mode
* Chat & walk feature for convenient messaging while walking on the road
* Chat translator to translate your messages instantly
* Color Call Screen Themes
* Full screen Caller ID and special caller screen
* Edge Lighting to color your phone border
* Unique and stylish wallpapers collection
* View all messages and notifications from installed app in one screen
* Instant messaging with "Messenger All in One, Feed, AI"

You can open any popular social media, video call, and chat apps with one click whenever you want to have a messenger with your friends and families. Messenger All in One, Feed, AI will show open times for each social media apps.

Fun and Joy with Messenger All in One, Feed, AI app that includes cute and fun emojis, smiley faces & emoticons amazing GIFs, animated stickers. Chat with popular emojis and emoticons, trending GIFs, stickers and colorful themes, and live wallpapers. Download amazing stickers, fantastic Gifs, and 4K live wallpapers

You can find the best 4K Live Wallpapers and set your phone screen. Share gifs, stickers, and live wallpapers with your loved ones. Surprise your friends and have fun while texting

Messenger All in One, Feed, AI App provides colors phone screens, color edge lighting for incoming calls and LED Flash notifications. You will never miss a call with a fascinating caller id. Whole color call screen themes are free for you.

Fully customize your border light by changing the type of notch, moving the bottom & top radius to fit your screen, customizing your phone with your photo with colorful edge lighting

Ultimate Translate Features
* Camera translator, photo translate, object translation
* Text and Voice Translation
* Baby translator and Pet translator
* Voice-to-voice conversation
* Speech to text or text to speech translation with accurate voice recognition
* Offline translation to use without internet
* Use it like a dictionary: Find and look up words, their meanings, and verb conjugations

Chat Translator
The chat translator feature allows you to translate your chat message into your messenger app. You can translate chat on your messenger app instantly.

Chat translate function translates their messages to your language and translates your messages to their language such as English to French, English to Hindu, English to Spanish, and English to Bengali, etc... The chat translate menu makes it feel like you are chatting in the same language on your messenger app.

Baby Language Translator
Simply the best translator of newborn cries. Every baby has five basic needs, and each one of these has a rather distinctive crying sound pattern. It’s a natural and instinctive language.

The baby translator identifies baby cries automatically, filtering out all other sounds. When the baby translator detects a cry, it analyzes it in a matter of seconds. The cry is translated, and the result is displayed on the phone screen.

Pet Translator
Great animal translator app to understand your furry friends. This cat and dog translator helps you communicate with dogs and cats of various breeds and understand their sounds. Did you know that your cat’s ‘meow’ might not be the same as your neighbor’s cat’s ‘meow’?

This animal translator uses machine learning to decode your cat or dog language. It then translates them into the human language. Read more
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