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???? Snakes and Ladders Plus ???? with a new twist!
Snakes & Ladders. Saanp Seedi. Paramapadham. Moksha Patam.
If you were born in India, then it is quite impossible that one of these words doesn’t give you flashbacks of board game nights with family or summer holidays at your nani’s house. This game of snakes and ladders in its various forms and names has been part of our history for far longer than we know. It is said that the game was played as early as 2nd century BC! That is many thousand years ago! Snakes and Ladders game is not just loved in India. It was taken to England in the 19th century and renamed Chutes and Ladders. Today, different forms of the ancient Indian game is played all over the world!

We are a team of gaming enthusiasts who love a good old classic game. The feel of rolling the dice on the Ludo board or moving the chess pieces, absolutely priceless! But we believe that distance should not stop us from playing our favorite childhood boardgames with friends and other players online! So, we created a modern version of the classic game of snakes and ladders so one can enjoy the best multiplayer board game with their friends and family even in a lockdown.
Here is what is new about our Snakes and Ladders Plus:

A format like never before
You and your opponent start from opposite ends of the board. You start at 1 and your opponent starts at 100. The goal is to reach the other end of the board first! Interesting, right?

Never say Dice!
We ditched the dice. It is more fun without it. Trust us. You get to choose from 3 predetermined numbers to move your token. So, when you want to reach a ladder or escape a snake, you can plan your moves accordingly.

Unlimited fun but limited moves
18 moves are all both the players get. No boring long games where no one seems to reach the goal. You reach the end of the board or not, the game ends when both players exhaust 18 moves.

Strategy, not luck
Winning depends on your skill and strategy and not on luck. Use the life-saving skip option to miss a chance on purpose as part of your strategy. How cool is that?!
The game holds many such surprises!
Download the game to see what surprises await you.
You might be a lover of games like Mario, PubG, Chess, Candy Crush, Angry Bird or Ludo King, but when you are bored and need a game for timepass or you want to take a break during your work from home job, Snakes & Ladders Plus is where your search for free snakes and ladders game should end!

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