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Earn 300 a day on Lyft with Skeddy ridesharing app for Lyft Drivers

Lyft Drivers Use Skeddy.

Earn more money by driving with Lyft. If you have the Lyft Driver app installed, then you need Skeddy to organize rideshare scheduling and get more scheduled rides.
Skeddy is a ridesharing app for Lyft drivers that helps you schedule trips near you and organize driver rides through the app into a profitable chain. We help rideshare drivers (Lyft partners) drive smarter by auto-scheduling rides within the rideshare app by the drivers’ preferences. It helps to combine the ridesharing schedule and takes only the trips drivers prefer from the list of requests on Lyft – such as lengthier trips to the airport while eliminating unprofitable or irrelevant trips.
If you use Skeddy for rideshare services scheduling, you will get more trips you can organize and experience less downtime with the Lyft Drivers app.
Skeddy supports the Lyft Driver app only.

Our mobile app does not support Uber, Taxify, Gett, Bolt, Le Cab, Via, Curb, Ola, or any other taxi ridesharing service for drivers.

Skeddy discovers Lyft rides in advance and combines them for Lyft Drivers into a profitable chain trip.

With Skeddy, a Lyft driver choose from multiple available rides in advance and build a driving schedule. A Lyft driver just needs to make rides using Lyft driver app.

Skeddy allows Lyft drivers to plan their Lyft pickups for up to a week ahead. With Skeddy, Lyft drivers plan all their rides with less downtime.

Hands-free drive scheduling allows for a less distracted driving experience. Skeddy is managing your rideshare location pins automatically, so you do not need to refresh your Lyft app for drives on the go, or switch between other ridesharing services like Uber for Drivers, Bolt for Driver, Taxify for Driver, and so on. Skeddy helps you to focus more on safe driving. Keep your passengers, street-side civilians, and your driving record safe.


1. Skeddy discovers the rides scheduled by passengers in a 10-miles zone from the arbitrary location (Search Pin) defined by the Lyft driver. The driver can create and save search pins as favorites, and re-use them in the future for the next ridesharing trips.

2. Discovered rides are displayed on the map (day and night mode), as well as in a list with the corresponding time, length, and estimated earnings.

3. Skeddy automatically accepts the ride by using the timeframe and distance criteria previously entered by the Lyft driver.

4. The Lyft driver can either drop any previously accepted ride or manually accept the ride, which was filtered out by the filter criteria previously entered by the driver.

Skeddy is brought to you by a team of top mobile engineers from New York. We are not associated with Lyft in any way. At that, we work in close collaboration with hands-on Lyft drivers to make Lyft ridesharing work for you, and not vice versa. If you are looking for a ridesharing app for drivers that helps you to organize your rides on Lyft, you are in the right place.

Top states where Skeddy is popular the most:
New York, California, Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Illinois.

You can be the first in your local area or the whole state to start earning more with Skeddy and Lyft for Drivers!
Skeddy ridesharing app for Lyft drivers is growing every day: it is currently serving over 7,000 cities across the United States. We also plan to launch Skeddy app for Lyft drivers in Canada by the end of 2020. With Skeddy, the ridesharing and ride scheduling experience in mobile apps will dramatically change soon!

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