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SingPlay-CoverSong Video Maker


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SingPlay-CoverSong Video Maker app

The one app for your cover song and music videos!

Everyone's a singer with SingPlay! Start creating your own cover song and music videos with just a tap of a button. SingPlay will be your personal music studio offering high-quality audio recording that you would normally experience in expensive studios. Download SingPlay now!

Key Features
* You can share your SingPlay video projects to the KineMaster app and make superb edits.
* You can record cover songs or create music videos by selecting videos and/or audio.
* Practice: You can practice the songs that you want to record.
* Add & edit lyrics: You can add lyrics or edit them so that they are in sync with the song.
* Sound effects: You can control the pitch, volume, EQ, and more.
* Mixing & recording: You can mix the recorded audio and video in various ways
* Video templates: You can create high-quality videos with ready-made video templates, with the lyrics appearing in sync.
* Share videos: Share your cover songs and music videos on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media. Read more
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