Share Expenses for Coparents

Share Expenses for Coparents


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Manage child support, expenses & alimony - directly between parents

You can manage your child support, alimony and shared child expenses conveniently and securely, using SupportPay. SupportPay is the most downloaded and highest rated application by parents who are divorced, single, remarried and stepparents for a reason! As the original, most robust, and highly secure support platform, we are trusted by tens of thousands of parents and manage hundreds of millions of dollars in child support, alimony and child expense payments. Parents can use SupportPay to track and manage their finances on their own or connect directly with the other parent, eliminating the need to have the government involved.

Join today in just five minutes without a credit card. Get your children the support they deserve from both parents, and start becoming a happier, more organized, and lower-conflict parent today.

After you have an order or agreement, SupportPay provides the best application to assist in managing the order. Using SupportPay you can manage all types of child expenses such as medical, healthcare, childcare, education, clothing, extra-curriculars and more. In addition, you can set up recurring and automatic expenses and payments for child support or alimony payments.

• Add, view & save expenses, payments, receipts & payment proof
• Eliminate manual expense entry by uploading a receipt – SupportPay automatically captures the data thru sophisticated receipt scanning
• Review, dispute and resolve financial disagreements through advanced dispute and conflict management methods, while ensuring other payments continue to flow through the system
• Send & receive payments via your bank or PayPal, while keeping your account data private
• Record cash, credit card, check or even payments made thru state child support systems
• Pay multiple items or send a partial payment
• Customize expense tracking by child, custom categories and/or merchants
• Store, save, export and print legally-admissible certified records for court, tax or other purposes
• Use on your own for tracking and certified record keeping or connect with the other parent for automatic tracking, payments, dispute management and transparency

NOTE: We are not a state child support agency or system. We are not associated with any state or government child support service or agency and we are not an enforcement agency. We provide an independent application for parents to manage child support and share expenses - directly with each other, eliminating the need for the government to be involved in your personal life. If you are looking for the status of your child support payment from the state then visit your state child support agency. You can find the it easily at You can use SupportPay as an independent application to track your expenses and/or payments as well as a method to manage and share additional expenses such as medical, education and child care expenses - which the government does not manage. Read more
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