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Authenticate with your SecurID tokens, Approve, or Biometrics in one app.

With SecurID 4.0, you can authenticate with your existing software tokens or use additional cloud-based methods from a single app:
• SecurID software token and Authenticate Tokencode generate one-time passwords (OTPs) that provide more reliable security than reusable passwords.
• Approve (push notifications) prompts you to authenticate by tapping a button on a registered device, such as your phone.
• Biometrics methods allow you to authenticate with the biometrics available on your device.
Simple, fast, and all within the same app!
For added security, the SecurID 4.0 app is automatically disabled on devices that are rooted. “Root access” occurs when you gain the ability to change the device operating system to install unsupported applications or make other unsupported modifications. Preventing the app from running on rooted devices helps to secure the app and everything that it protects from malicious actors.
Note: Your company must be a SecurID customer to use this app. Please contact your Help Desk Administrator if you did not receive the information required to register your device.
The new app is an update to the existing SecurID 3.x app and a replacement for SecurID Authenticate 3.9.x and the RSA SecurID Software Token 2.x app. The SecurID Authenticate app will continue to be supported. Read more
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