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Get Detailed Vehicle Information & History by scanning License Plate or VIN

Curious about a car you just saw? Out shopping for a nice used one? Not sure where your car was made? Use ScanThatCar to scan the license plate or it's VIN number and let us help you find out all the information you may want on it! Take a picture and let Google's AI ML decode it completely on your device or discretely enter it.


What information can we find?

• Vehicle Year, Make, Model, Trim, Engine & Transmission
• VIN Number from most US License Plates
• Number of owners, accidents and recalls
• Title Issues including salvage, flood, stolen and many more
• Name and location of the Manufacturing Plant
• Vehicle Size & Weight
• Safety Features


What information do you need? Any one of them:

• A picture of the License Plate
• License Plate Number and Registered State
• A picture of the VIN Plate
• VIN Number


What about your privacy or the vehicle's?

• Your scanned photos are processed on your phone.
• They never leave your phone, period.
• No Vehicle Ownership details are shared - no addresses, names or anything.

Notice, how there's no mention of any account requirement or your information? We do not require anything from you - this is completely free to use, with no ads or anything. Our goal is to help you be informed.

Since, you have tagged along with us for this long, why don't you give the app a try and check it out yourself! We appreciate you.


What app permissions do you request?

• Camera: Only if you choose to use the camera functionality to scan images for License Plates or VINs

• Gallery or Storage: Only if you choose to scan license plate or VIN from a picture stored on your device

To use the other parts of the app, these permissions are not required and are not requested until you want them.


Are there any limitations?

• Transporter & Dealer License Plates cannot be decoded as they do not have any vehicle associated with them

• Temporary Paper Registrations vary between states and may not have an associated record

• Government License Plates, along with other restricted plates cannot be decoded

• When using the Camera Scan feature, remember to take a closer picture and crop it accordingly to remove irrelevant information for better scans. Since, everything happens on your phone, the AI is limited to what it can clearly "see" and process.


What upcoming features do we have planned?

• Current Estimated Vehicle Price
• Vehicle History PDF Export
• depending on your feedback, your request could be the next feature we implement


We hope that this app helps you uncover a few facts, make better decisions and ultimately have a pleasant experience. Let us know by writing an honest review and shoot us a message @NoorByDesign if you need us to take care of anything! Read more
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