Saucey: Alcohol Delivery

Saucey: Alcohol Delivery


The fastest alcohol delivery service available. Shop liquor, beer, wine & more

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Saucey: Alcohol Delivery app

Alcohol delivery in minutes. No delivery fees or order minimums. Just the beer, wine, spirits, mixers, snacks, ice, and party supplies you need, delivered to your front door posthaste. Because instant gratification is underrated ????

How it works
We’re easy & proud of it. Simply download the Saucey app, create an account, add drinks and snacks to your cart, and your courrier will be there shortly.
In the meantime, tell your sweatpants you’ve got something special planned for the two of you ????

Free delivery & no minimums
Because we’re not a regular booze delivery app, we’re a cool booze delivery app ????

Good occasions to use Saucey

  • Work was the worst. Or the best. Either way, you did work today & you deserve a drink ????

  • There’s a sports game on the TV, and oh boy do you love sports! ????

  • It’s date night and firing up the liquor delivery app is your love language ????

  • Unslumping Hump Day is only achievable via a wine delivery app ????

  • Your party guests are drinking like gosh dang fish and you need to re-up ????

  • You’d get off the couch and go on a beer run if you could, but you literally cannot ????

  • You need to send someone a gift, and liquor delivery is universally coveted ????

  • Right now, because those are the rules ????????‍♀️

Everything you want
Saucey is a beer delivery app. A liquor delivery app. A wine delivery app. An ice cream delivery app. A chips-and-cookies delivery app. An ice delivery app. An ibuprofen delivery app. Saucey’s whatever you want it to be, smartypants. The world is your oyster shooter ????

All your favorite brands
Tito’s Handmade Vodka. White Claw. Stella Artois. Golden Road. Hennessy. Bulleit. Budweiser. Patrón. Goose Island. Stone Brewing. Grey Goose. Magic Hat. Johnnie Walker. Fireball. Corona. Dark Horse. Casamigos. Blue Moon. All the good stuff ????????????????????

Where we deliver:

  • New York City

  • Washington DC

  • Chicago

  • Los Angeles

  • Orange County

  • South Bay LA

  • San Diego

  • San Francisco

  • East Bay

  • San Jose

  • Silicon Valley

  • Sacramento

  • Dallas

Track your delivery in real-time
The is simply wild these days. Pull up the app at any time for an update on where you order is. Oh, and heads up: You’ll courrier will need to digitally verify that you’re over the age of 21 with your driver’s license or another form of government-issued ID before they give you custody of any alcohol.

Effortless payment
Enter your credit card info on the app and voilà: we’ll deliver alcohol to wherever you are. Best magic trick ever. Android Pay, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and debit cards—it’s all good. And all transactions are 100% digital, because all of our pockets have holes in them ????

Talk to us
How can we help? Our customer support team is aces and ready to help at any time. Text or call us at (213) 204-9608, email us at [email protected], or visit our help center over at

Let’s do this
Seriously, the magic of alcohol delivery by way of a few taps on your smartphone is so much easier than trying to make friends with an actual magician. We’re the liquor delivery app you’ve been dreaming of ???? Let’s take her out for a spin, shall we? Read more
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