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RightTrack by Liberty Mutual


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Download RightTrack – a safe driving tool brought to you by Liberty Mutual.

At Liberty Mutual, we believe safe drivers should pay less for their insurance. That’s why we offer RightTrack, a 90-day program that lets customers with safe driving habits save up to 30% on their insurance. As you drive around, the RightTrack app will evaluate four key safe driving habits (fast acceleration, hard braking, miles driven and late-night driving) to determine how much you can save with RightTrack. The more safe miles you drive, the bigger your savings.

Depending on your state, the RightTrack app may record your trips on its own, or work in conjunction with a small RightTrack Tag device that sticks on your car windshield. RightTrack needs to access your location so that it can still capture your trips when the app is closed. This trip data is used to calculate your discount and show you trip maps.

The RightTrack app works in conjunction with the RightTrack tag device to automatically record your trips, capturing all the information needed to calculate your discount and give you feedback on your driving habits.

To sign up, you can contact your local Liberty Mutual office, call our toll free number at 1-800-837-5254, or get an online quote first at www.libertymutual.com/auto-insurance. If you’ve already enrolled, simply download the app and register to complete the set up process and start driving your way to a lower premium.
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*Please note: the RightTrack app is currently only available in select states. Read more
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