RidePlan DEMO Engine Dyno App

RidePlan DEMO Engine Dyno App


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RidePlan DEMO Engine Dyno App app

RidePlan Engine Dyno Vehicle Planning App.

This version has been discontinued, the full version is now free to download, some links point to this page so the app is being left published for now. Please download the full version for best results:

With the RidePlan app enter data about the engine combination in your car and compare future modification potential. Learn about your parts combination and get part recommendations like fuel injector size, throttle body size and header size for the RPM you select.

This version has been discontinued, the full version is now free to download.

This is the demo version for the RidePlan App. It doesn't have all of the features the full version does, it does not get updated as often as the full version and doesn't allow more than a couple vehicles to be saved and has some features excluded because it is just for demonstration.

See the effect of tuning boost level and air fuel ratios on horsepower and torque curves. You can also record and track your modifications, plan a budget and see what kind of potential your parts combination has.

RidePlan uses cylinder head, camshaft, intake, fuel and exhaust info to help you plan your project vehicle build.

This app is NOT for tracking gas mileage, sorry.

Visit RideData.net for more info! Please see the known issues section of RideData.net for problems we know about and are addressing. We appreciate all feedback and suggestions!

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