Rhythm Retro Premium Edition

Rhythm Retro Premium Edition


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Rhythm Retro Premium Edition game

This game will blow you away! RPG Elements, Leaderboard, Store, it has it all!

Welcome to the World of Rhythm Retro created by Soulzilla Games. We believe in creating games for the user!

With R.P.G. elements, audio calibration settings, an online leaderboard, 7 gold medal achievements, 6 class upgrade ranks, and even keyboard controls for Blue-stack players! This game will work on any mobile device after 2014 with Android OS. You don't even need a touch screen to play! Challenge yourself with 120 unique gameplay combinations! Level up your Retro Boosts and blow the competition away! Creatively unique, and designed to fulfill your enjoyment! Rhythm Retro is the ultimate Tap Rhythm Music Game!

Feature Details:

- 20 songs with 6 gameplay modes each: normal, reversed, hyper, hyper-rev, ultra and ultra-rev!
- 14 change-able note and button custom designed themes!
- 7 gold medal achievements!
- 6 player upgrade ranks: iron, chrome, bronze, silver, gold and platinum!
- Share ranks on Facebook!
- Enter name screen with profanity filter
- Volume settings including calibration for blue-tooth
- Keyboard controls for Blue-stack players
- Online leaderboard with the top-60 hi-scores for each song
- In-Game store for unlocking content!

Rhythm Retro was designed by a user for the users. Get ready to blow your mind with 3 speeds and horizontal note-flips! This game rocks!

Get ready to GO RETRO!

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