Repair system for Android: Phone Cleaner & Booster

Repair system for Android: Phone Cleaner & Booster


Download Repair system for Android APK: Phone Cleaner & Booster for Android - Free - Latest Version

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Repair system for Android: Phone Cleaner & Booster app

Phone cleaner, Ram booster, repair system and many other tools on one app!

Get the renew booster cleaner with useful peculiarities, including ram cleaner and free repair system android. Moreover, we included some repair processes to make our app more comfortable and useful for you. ????

It's time to install cleaner!

???? If you have any problem, don't rush to buy a new phone. Download the app and repair phone issues! Firstly, at the main page, tap a junk cleaner bottom to remove unnecessary files (such as Cache, Temporary files, APK files). Even when you uninstall programs, residual files remain in your phone's memory folders. Standard cleaning does not clear this entire cache and only a professional repair app will help you.

???? Then you can use phone booster bottom. Use this tool to boost ram and improve your phone performance. Start repair allows you to make system repairing, boost, and file system repairing of your gadget. Full boost includes phone booster, CPU cooler, and junk removal characteristics, which allows you to carry out a full boost of your smartphone.

Repair android app has many additional useful utilities.

???? Let's check some more advantages for android repair which you can find in our new system cleaner.

- App manager allows you to remove your installed and system applications from your gadget.

- Battery saver will retain battery power, display battery usage, and check battery detail and status.

- Powerful boost release ram memory, do some ram boost, and enjoy the results - try this function!

- You can check out other repair characteristics in our app, which helps you to organize the gadget`s work.

- App locker locks your apps and protects your personal information.

- Notification cleaner helps to manage your notifications.

- CPU cooler finds out the temperature of your CPU and cools it down by closing background processes.

- In device info, you can find out information about your smartphone.

- The battery option includes battery saver, battery repair, and Battery Widget function.

- You will also find a device testing and wallpaper advisor in the app.

Get a free ram cleaner and repair your smartphone more efficiently!

We are constantly developing and now we have new repair attributes!

✅ Large files finder discovers large files of any type on your smartphone and proposes you delete them. This will allow you to clear your phone memory.

✅ Pay attention to the permission manager. It finds out what permissions your applications use. You might learn a lot with this utility:)

⬇Download free booster cleaner with repair and make your gadget`s work process much faster and better. Use the repair system android app and you will be very surprised by how quick your device can be after total repair.⬇

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