Reggaeton Guitar Hero - Rhythm Music Game

Reggaeton Guitar Hero - Rhythm Music Game


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Reggaeton Guitar Hero - Rhythm Music Game game

Reggaeton Hero, Music game, guitar hero style. Free online ????????

Reggaeton Hero FREE for Android! ????
Guitar or piano virtual to the rhythm of the music. ????

Guitar hero style with the best Reggaeton songs.

Flow in your fingers to the beat of real songs and lots of fun! ????
Fully updated guitar game with modern songs!

Rhythm Music Guitar Hero game ????

Download now and unlock all the Reggaeton songs you currently listen to as boy! ????

* Three (3) difficulty modes for all ages and abilities ...!

Very funny songs with notes synchronized in time with the song!
Super quality in music, use headphones for a better experience.

2 players can play at the same time on the same split screen phone! ????

Over 50 best Reggaeton songs ????

Internal ranking personalized, write your name and appear at the top of the list! You have a table for each difficulty for what if or if you appear! ????
Graphical and friendly interface for children and adults
Intuitive and easy to use
Innovations and details that no Guitar / Piano game has seen before!
Be the hero of Reggaeton! ????

From the makers of The Cumbia Hero, My Music Hero and Trap Music Hero.

In short, it is a game of music, rhythm and skill with a lot of Reggaeton, with a style and aesthetic for all audiences! ????
- - - Let's try it NOW friend, FREE! - - -

Stay updated because we renew the songs !! ????

-Listen and play with the best reggaetones in the world! - ????

All songs were used with prior permission. Read more
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