Rebellion Pay - Pay account and cryptocurrencies

Rebellion Pay - Pay account and cryptocurrencies


Download Rebellion Pay APK - Pay account and cryptocurrencies for Android - Free - Latest Version

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Rebellion Pay - Pay account and cryptocurrencies app

An online account to pay with your phone and to buy bitcoin and other crypto

Get your Mastercard® card and current account number online on your mobile phone.

No hassle, no waiting, no permanence. Our prepaid Mastercard® card is compatible with Google Pay, so you can pay with your mobile with total security and contactless. With Rebellion, managing your online purchases and payments is really easy.

Download our app, sign up in 5 minutes and top up your current account to start spending at your favourite retailers and buying cryptocurrencies with the lowest fees on the market????????????.

A current account designed for you to have full control of your money and trade with cryptocurrencies.

With Rebellion Pay you’ll get many benefits

- Free virtual card and material card, ideal for your online shopping and payments with Google Play. Pay at your favourite retailers: Amazon, Zalando, AliExpress, HBO, Netflix, PlayStation Store y withdraw money at ATMs without any fees. Our card is simply perfect for online payments ????
- Personal account number (IBAN), so you can send and receive money online via bank transfers. Have your salary paid here, set up a direct debit for your bills or pay your landlord.
- Buy bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) and sell whenever you want. Your funds are always available! When you sell cryptocurrencies, your funds are transferred to your Rebellion account, with no additional fees.
- Control your transactions and cryptos in real time: You will know how much money you have and what you are spending it on.
- Instant Flash Transfers between Rebellion buddies. You can pay and send money to friends instantly ⚡ and 100% FREE .
- Paysafecard for your personal security: activate, deactivate or block your card at any time from the app.

Other reasons to choose Rebellion Pay

- The same convenience of an online, digital, virtual bank: Manage all your transactions online. Any problems? Don't worry—we have the best Support Team in the world!
- Online current account and card without fees: opening the account is totally free and you won't have to pay ANYTHING.
- Opening your account takes 5 minutes: download our app, add your ID, take a selfie and start sending and receiving money from your mobile ????
- A card for your trips: the Rebellion Pay Mastercard® card is ideal for when you are travelling. Save fees when withdrawing money at ATMs or paying in a currency other than the euro.
- A card to buy video games: you can buy your favourite video games and also use your card at the PlayStation Store.
- A card to save money: with our exclusive campaigns and discounts, saving money is really easy ????. You'll often find vouchers with up to 20% discount to pay at shops such as Amazon, AliExpress, Asos... And if you invite a friend, you'll get some free cash, too ????
- Google Pay Mastercard®: our Mastercard® card is compatible with Google Pay, which means: your mobile payments on websites and apps can be done with just one click; if you are in a shop, you will pay securely, as the real info of your card will never be shared and your data will be protected; you can save time, as it is faster to pay with your mobile, which is with you 24/7, rather than having to look for your card in your wallet.
- Buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: Money is not only for spending, but also for growing ???? Invest in bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin and sell whenever you want. Now buying bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is really easy, with no added fees.

You can sign up and start using your Rebellion account and card with:
- Spanish ID or TIE (residence permit)
- ID or european passport if you live in Spain and have a Spanish mobile phone number.

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