Quran Al Hosary Rewayat Warch - Offline

Quran Al Hosary Rewayat Warch - Offline


Download Quran Al Hosary Rewayat Warch APK - Offline for Android - Free - Latest Version

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Quran Al Hosary Rewayat Warch - Offline app

Sheikh Husary full quran Hussary Coran Complet sans internet Warsh an Nafee

A complete Holy Quran offline, Sheikh husary rewayat Warch.
الحصري بدون نت القرآن كامل ترتيل رواية ورش

Features of Coran al hosary:
1- No need for wifi or mobile data Connection
2-You can listen to Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al Hussary in background and use your phone
3-Khalil Al Hussary Quran Al Hosary Enable repeating every surah
4-Enable repeating whole Quran Recitation Hussary
5-Ability to Shuffle Suras Coran Al Hussary Sans Internet
6-Cheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al Hussary Saving current ayah
7-Sharing koran karim sans internet mp3 gratuit on facebook and other , .

This coran القرآن الكريم holy quran mp3 application is the holy quran offline with Surah names holy quran in english free download.

Also Surat names for this quran app in Arabic, coran mp3 sans internet.

Coran mp3 gratuit sans internet is applicable for all quran android devices.

Muslim brothers and sister in islam, The coran mp3 بدون انترنت is the Holy Book or the Scripture of the Muslims,

This quran mp3 gratuit application has been designed in an easy way to be used. Open the app, just pick the surah from the list and listen.

Sharing Quran Warsh Husary Full Quran app:
You can easy share the app with your family, friends and brother. just press the heart sign, and then app sharing.

Rating Al hosary Coran app:
If you like your app and for sure you will, similar to sharing, press the heart sign, then press rating.

Hope you enjoy our murottal Sheik Al Hussary Quran Mp3 Sans Internet
Coran offline application.

Finally we hope you all the best in your life and in last as well. Please don't forget us from your douaa.

May ِAllah reward you and me with the best. Read more
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