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PokerFishs - The ultimate live experience of Texas Hold'em !

PokerFishS –Provide you the most authentic live poker experience!
Perfect poker app to host your own home game and improve your skills. Brand-new Pineapple game; more professional player statistics; over 32 game settings&10 unique features; authentic poker tournament experience; secure, fair and professional social poker app; PokerFishS brings you the enjoyment of poker competition.

[Pineapple Game Newly Released]
-Three Fantasyland Types and Jokers On/Off;
-17-card Fantasyland;
-Swiping Function;
-Lottery Play;
-Comprehensive Pineapple statistics.
-Add Pineapple achievement in Club Achievement Leaderboard.
-Simple and clear Pineapple Hand History.

[More Professional Player Statistics]
-Statistics of Hold’em, Omaha and Pineapple are shown separately;
-Statistics of last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days are added;
-Statistics of last 100 hands, 500 hands and 3000 hands are added;

[Insurance Function As In Live Game]
-Pot size and insurance payout are shown clearly;
-Select to buy all or partial outs as you prefer;
-Insurance purchase is visible to all players, absolutely fair and open;
-Insurance payout will be directly credited to your balance.
-Swiping function is offered to the player behind;

[32 Game Settings&10 Unique Features]
-Three game types: Hold’em, Omaha and Pineapple;
-Players per table: 2-9;
-Min Buy-in;
-Max Buy-in;
-Total Buy-in: unless approved by the host, player’s buy-in amount cannot exceed the limit;
-Mandatory Straddle;
-IP Restriction: prevent players with identical IP address from playing at the same table;
-GPS Restriction: prevent players with close GPS locations from playing at the same table;
-2/7o Jackpot;
-Individual Buy-in setting: the host can amend buy-in limit of any particular players during game;
-Suspend game;
-Remove players from the table;
-Lock Room;
-Extend game duration;
-Remove players from the room;
-Mute: prohibit all chat throughout the game;
-Mute: prohibit chat of any particular players;
-Optional Straddle;
-Prevent blacklist/stranger from entering the game;
-Screen rotation;
-Extend thinking time for free;
-Notes: add notes &tags on other players;
-Reserve: player can sit out temporarily and reserve the seat;
-Broadcast for hands with four of a kind and above;

[Advanced Technology]
-Linux: safe and efficient, the most widely-used server operating system around the world;
-Unity 3D: the world-famous cross-platform game engine;
-RSA: the most influential public-key cryptosystem that can withstand even brute force attack;
-Whole-Server Verification: completely prevent any plug-ins;
-Client-side only receives its own information from the server, furthermore preventing any kind of cheating plug-ins.

[Advanced Shuffling and Dealing Algorithm]
1. Form a deck: Shuffle all the 52 cards randomly and gather together to form Deck A.
2. Shuffle: Starting from one random card sequentially between the 20th card and the 30th card of Deck A, divide the deck into part1 and part2. Take out 1 to 3 cards randomly from the bottom of part1 and then from part2, repeating the action till the whole deck got shuffled and forming a newly shuffled deck: Deck B. We called this procedure “cross card” and this procedure will be repeated 3-7 times before Deck C formed.
3. Cut: Starting from one random card sequentially between the 2nd and 51st card of Deck C, cut the deck into two parts. And then switch their positions from top to bottom.
4. Hole cards: After Procedure 2 and 3 are both finished, the cards are all shuffled randomly without any regularity in arrangement and ready for play. Then from Deck C the system will randomly deal cards clockwise starting from the player to the left of the button until every player get two hole cards.
5. Community cards: to simulate live poker, the system will burn a card randomly before dealing flop, turn and river.
To create a fair gaming platform, the system is designed in a way to ensure absolute randomness.
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