Pixelwave Wallpapers : Live Walls & Pixel Editor

Pixelwave Wallpapers : Live Walls & Pixel Editor


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Pixelwave Wallpapers : Live Walls & Pixel Editor app

A pixel art wallpapers, live wallpapers & pixel art photo editor all in one app

Pixel art wallpapers,GIFs,Pixel art Live wallpapers & Pixel art photo editor.
Pixelwave Wallpapers app is the only place which you will find a huge collection of pixel art wallpapers and pixel live wallpapers also pixel art gifs ,we focus on collect thousand of beauties and high-quality HD pixel art and 8bit wallpapers, every image has been handpicked by our team so only the best of pixel art wallpapers make the app ,
also we have a pixel art live wallpapers which you can choose between large of high quality pixel live backgrounds any live wallpaper you want
and set it as live wallpapers ,Pixelwave wallpapers it's not a normal wallpapers application ,we added pixel art and 8 bits pixel art GIFs also we added a Pixel Editor which
you can pixel you picture (for best result use anime image), Pixelwave wallpaper app is the only app which is include inside it Pixel Editor with more than 20 filters you can pixel your images easily and quickly
Pixelwave wallpaper app contains 9 categories such Recent,Nature, Anime ,Quotes,Artists,Live wallpapers overlays ,Pixel GIFs and Pixel Editor.
In Pixelwave wallpapers you will find all 8 bit & pixel art wallpapers with high quality and tiny size,also we collect a big collection of pixel art live wallpapers to make your phone
more aesthetic and active

Categories :

¤ Recent : You will find in this category all the background art pixels that have been added recently
¤ Anime : Anime wallpapers category contains more than 100 HD pixel anime wallpapers also you will find in this category games and video games pixel wallpapers.
¤ Artists: In this category you will find a range of pixel art wallpapers organized by Artist,all pixel art wallpapers in this category created by a professional artist like 8-bit Stories and other artists
¤ GIFs : More than 80 GIFs with different aesthetic and pixel art character such vaporwave and Retrowave, navigate between them and select you pixel gif you want
¤ Quotes : Of sad quotes and happy you will find a range of pixel and 8bits Quotes , inspirational wallpapers ,quotes wallpapers updated daily for you.
¤ Pixel Live wallpapers : This category contains range of pixel live wallpapers you can choose any pixel art live wallpaper you want and set it as live wallpaper.

Other categories :
¤ Quotes Maker : you can create your own quote wallpaper with possibility to change background color ,add text with color and fonts also you can add choose sticker to add it into your pixel art wallpaper.
¤ Mini Pixel Art Editor : With more than 20 filters like (GBA,Pixelate ,Lego and more other greate filters) customize your picture and share it with your friends.

Features :

¤ Big collection of Pixel art with high quality wallpapers and HD backgrounds
¤ More than 9 categories
¤ Set any pixel art wallpaper you want with two different mode :
1 - Normally : this option make set your favorite background as home screen or lockscreen using your gallery app.
2 - Parallax Effect : Our app let you set your wallpaper with parallax effect so you can tilt your phone in all direction to see magic.
¤ Automatically wallpaper changer : you can change your wallpaper automatically with (Duration,Random wallpapers,Double tap to skip to next wallpaper and more features).
¤ Edit wallpaper before use it ,with more than 18 filters (GBA,Pixelation,Lego ,CG color space and more filters).
¤ Pixel sleeper feature with sleep timer you can listen to rain sound and feel relax.
¤ Share your wallpaper with your friends
¤ Quotes Maker let you create your own pixel art wallpaper with text ,color,font ,stickers and backgrounds
¤ Big collection of GIFs pixel art
¤ Set GIF as wallpaper with extra feature ( change background color ,speed up/down your favorite GIF ,zoom GIF befor set it & cropper gif feature).
¤ Save in pixel art wallpaper you want in your gallery.
¤ All wallpapers ,GIFs and live wallpapers are credited,we add on each wallpapers in the app the name of artist who create it Read more
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