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pixel sangokushi game

Pixel-style orthodox idle game

Pixel-style orthodox idle game!
Adventure with generals in a world depicted by bitmap!

Easy-to-operate idle game game in vertical screen!
Complete all levels with just one finger!
Challenge levels with auto-battle, simply Power up!
You can get a lot of rewards even offline!

Build your territory, easily strengthen
Manufacture of buildings such as Imperial Academy、 Ring、 Ancestral Temple, etc.. And build your own Main City!

Generals in troubled times, collect all generals
Collect generals of the Three Kingdoms Period and become partners with them!
Collect powerful generals and become stronger with simple development!

Four careers and various skills
The key to victory is to be familiar with the four careers of Advisor、Guard、 Vanguard、physician and to combine the skills of each general!
Use the most suitable tactics and strategies to easily defeat the enemy! Victory or defeat depends only on your strategy.

Find partners and form union
Form a union with your partners and work together to conquer the world!

This game is recommended for the following players:
player who like the Three Kingdoms.
player who want to grow stronger over time.
player who want to use their free time to play games.
player who want to play games easily with one hand.
player who want to collect and develop characters. Read more
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