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Passport Photo UK AiD Photo ID


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Passport Photo UK AiD Photo ID app

UK Passport Photo Size App | ID, CV Photo Editor | Passport Photo Template Maker

Photo AiD is a biometric passport photo app that works like a UK passport photo booth - it's an AI enhanced UK passport photo maker that automatically generates biometric passport photo template for various types of documents photos from the uploaded picture. No more traditional passport photo booths! Our passport photo editor will work as a UK passport photo background remover making your UK passport photo . Our digital passport photo booth works also as a UK passport photo cropper and resizer. Our passport photo maker recognizes which biometric photo size (2x2 inch, 4x6 cm, 35x45 mm, etc) you need for your document (UK passport photo, China visa photo, Canada visa photo, id photos, Green Card, CV photo and other documents) and makes it ready for a print out (e.g. at Tesco photo booth, Asda photobooth, Morrisons or Costco). The passport photo crop tool / ID photo resizer tool will adjusts the biometric photo to the required size. Take ID photo, UK passport photo, US visa photo, Canada visa photo or other documents photo within only 3 sec!

PhotoAiD Passport Photo App offers both digital ID photos as well as printed. We deliver the passport photo prints but you can also get digital UK passport photo template and print the passport photo at any photo kiosk instantly. The services are available at Tesco, Asda, Costco or Morrisons. You can take ID photo in just 3 sec and print it at a store e.g. Asda photo print costs just a few p. and gets you 4 UK passport size photos straight away.

Our UK passport photo app offers both infant passport photo as well as ones for adults.
- UK Baby Passport Photo (dimensions 35x45 mm, removed background)
- DV lottery Photo (US Passport Photo size - 2x2 inch, white background)
- Indian Passport Photo
- Canadian Passport Photo
- US passport photo
- China Passport Photo

With our visa size photo maker, you can take various visa photos. There are plenty of visa picture templates in our Visa Photo App. Not all of them use US passport size photo for visa. The top ones are:
- US Visa Photo (2x2 inch proportions, white background, Green Card photo size)
- Chinese Visa Photo (33x48 mm, digital photo, light grey background, biometric)
- Canada Visa Photo (35x45 mm size, blue background, biometric photo)
- Schengen Visa Photo (45x35 mm dimensions, id picture, white background, same as German visa photo or French visa photo)

Our digital passport photo app & passport booth photo maker lets you generate biometric photos available at Costco, Asda, Tesco or Morrisons.

There are plenty of other than British passport photos or US visa photo sizes available e.g. for: India, UK, Russia, China, Canada, Australia, Japan, Thailand, France, Malaysia, Nepal, Argentina etc.

US passport photo maker is a simple digital passport photo booth:
1. Choose doc photo you need. It may be: CV photo, DV lottery photo, green card photo, eu visa, Dubai visa, baby passport photo, resume photo, UK driving licence photo, ID card photo etc.
2. Upload headshot photo

Biometric photo you get can be printed out thanks to the ID picture template.

The Passport Photos Aid: the ID photo creator consists of:

Passport Photo Resizer / Passport Photo Cropper:
Passport size photo maker easily resizes the photo. Though babies have other face proportions, a submodule named infant passport photo resizer works with child or even newborn babies photos for UK passport.

Background Eraser / Background Remover:
Built-in background remover clears the bg in your UK passport photo and you get white background on your id photo, visa picture, passport picture or driving licence photo.

There are many words to describe our passport photo app: headshot photo generator, ID Card photo maker, US passport editor, biometric passport photo booth app, official passport photo creator, ID photo studio, visa photo editor, digital ID photo tool, Resume photo app, CV photo maker, passport photo creator...

Try our passport photo app and you will see all of them apply! Read more
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